Implementing Governance for Transformational Improvement

Implementing Governance for Transformational Improvement

implementing governance

We believe that good governance is essential for transformational change in healthcare—for meaningful, sustained improvements in clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. This eBook introduces the main concepts informing our recommendations for governance.

This handbook presents principles and activities for implementing outcomes improvement governance in healthcare. It recommends team structures based on best practice and our work helping clients achieve meaningful and sustainable improvement. Our goal is to help you create capable, engaged, and empowered teams—teams that can move your organization from “the craft of medicine” toward a more efficient and reliable system for producing improvements that build health in your community and strength in your organization.

We intend this handbook to be practical, flexible, and actionable. We present just enough content to help you understand each recommended step (what it is, who’s involved, how to do it) and refer to resources that you may find helpful as you take the step. Adapt these recommendations to meet the needs of your organization based on what’s working well, where there are gaps, and how far along you are in your outcomes improvement journey.

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