The 30 Highest-Rated US and UK CEOs During the Coronavirus Pandemic, According to Employees (FNTalk)

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Nov. 21, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has been, and continues to be, a major test for corporate leaders.

The public is watching whether CEOs lay off or furlough workers, as well as how they treat their employees during this time. As billionaire Mark Cuban said in April, customers who see companies laying off employees will send those brands “to the toilet.”

Employees themselves are taking note, too. Bank of America’s Sheri Bronstein, the company’s chief human resources officer, recently told Business Insider that employees are paying close attention to the benefits their employers choose to give them or not, such as added mental health benefits or childcare benefits.

So which CEOs have done a good job navigating the pandemic crisis, according to employees? Jobs posting and research website Glassdoor analyzed anonymous company reviews on its website between March and October to find out.

To determine the ranking, Glassdoor looked at the quality of employee reviews, CEO approval ratings, and how employees talked about their leadership during the pandemic. Leadership scores are rounded to the nearest hundredth for reporting simplicity.

Glassdoor provided Business Insider exclusive data for both CEOs in the US and in the UK. The ratings are linked to where the employees are based, not on where the corporate HQ is based…

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