Health Catalyst Releases New Research Tool to Connect Researchers, Match Patients to Trials (Fierce Biotech)

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By Kyle LaHucik | Sep 10, 2021

Health Catalyst thinks clinical trial recruitment could receive an upgrade, so it launched a new tool to connect researchers and patients. 

The data and analytics technology company unveiled a new research tool Friday that connects hospitals, medical centers, biopharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations. The tool also helps these groups search for patients eligible for real-world studies and trials.

“For decades, clinical research has been heavily biased towards a finite number of leading urban medical centers, which tap into the same patient populations for clinical trial recruitment time and time again,” said Sadiqa Mahmood, senior vice president of Health Catalyst’s life sciences unit, in a statement…

Health Catalyst Unveils New Solution to Bring Clinical Research to Routine Healthcare

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