Optimizing Space Utilization Improves Patient Access and Revenue



Space utilizationTexas Children’s Hospital dramatically improved patient access, yet recognized that it could advance access by improving space utilization and proactively reallocating underutilized exam rooms. To achieve this goal, the organization needed to understand space utilization better and develop a mechanism that would allow providers to easily visualize and request space.


Texas Children’s is using the Health Catalyst® Data Operating System (DOS™) platform to improve space utilization. The organization developed a space visualization analytics application, and conducted a comprehensive space assessment, identifying opportunities to improve utilization of current space to increase clinic offerings.

The analytics application gathers appointment data from the EMR, calculates optimal room demand, displays room availability data, and allows providers to submit requests to utilize available space. Providers can submit multiple space utilization requests using one form and can indicate the number of rooms, support staff, and workstations required. All submitted requests display in the analytics application. Room availability is updated when space utilization requests are approved.

Providers, clinic leaders, and staff use the analytics application to add additional clinic sessions, level the number of appointments across providers, support new providers in joining the practice, and to respond to unplanned changes within the practice.


Texas Children’s has leveraged data and analytics to increase access for patients and families by utilizing space efficiently.

  • $86K in additional revenue in just six months, the result of adding approximately 550 additional appointments.
  • Improved visibility of room demand and availability.
  • 20+ outpatient specialties actively using the space utilization analytics application.

“The space visualization analytics application has enabled us to increase the number of available appointments, further improving patient satisfaction and financial performance.”

– Carrie Rys, Assistant Vice President, Texas Children’s Hospital


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