Vitalware™ by Health Catalyst

Best in Klas Vitalware

Meet modern-day revenue cycle challenges head on with robust price transparency infrastructure and revenue operations tools. Leverage revenue solutions that consume and coordinate all chargemaster data in a single, integrated framework that empowers health systems and hospitals to operate more transparently, price strategically, and confidently run a compliant and efficient revenue operation.

Vital Integrity


Detect and remedy compliance issues immediately and identify the root cause of revenue leakage from missed or inaccurate charges.

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Organize and manage all your CDM data in one solution that allows systems to operate transparently, price strategically, and present an accurate bill or claim.

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Provide compliance, revenue, and coding teams comprehensive, current medical coding information that is readily accessible for any hospital personnel who need access to current coding, billing, and regulatory information.

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Vitalware by Health Catalyst

Learn how Health Catalyst can help you maximize your data and drive massive, measurable improvement.

HCAT Vitalware

Best in KLAS

Our solution ranked #1 in KLAS Revenue Cycle, Chargemaster Management Four Years in a Row

100% of respondents said the company keeps all promises, the solution is part of their organization’s long-term plans, and they would buy the product again.

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