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Enable Quality Care and Expand Revenue Streams with a Modern Approach to Clinical Research Development

Optimize trial design, increase participation, and improve retention with our solutions for clinical research development.


Clinical Development

A research network to expand collaboration with biopharma and research organizations
Quick and accurate development of patient cohorts, enhancing diversity and inclusion
Healthcare.AI™ Expert Services for research feasibility and trial design optimization
Automated technology for patient recruitment and engagement

Make Better Business Decisions with Data You Can Trust

Expand Clinical Trials Opportunities and Increase Participation

  • Connect with biopharma and research organizations for network growth, project support, and proposal endorsement.
  • Realize a more accurate feasibility assessment, reduced recruitment timeline, and accelerated FPI.
  • Receive trial startup support for research-naive sites.
expand clinical trial opportunities

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

  • Implement clinical research as a care option to effectively reduce waste and improve outcomes.
  • Expand patient enrollment and improve retention with virtual and decentralized trials.
  • Increase clinical trials recruitment effectiveness through automated patient research.
enhance patient satisfaction

Recognize New Sources of Revenue

  • Discover more trial and research opportunities.
  • Prevent patient leakage through better care options and outcomes.
  • Drive efficiencies with best practice sharing.
recognize new source of revenue
Clinical Development

Products & Services

HCAT Research network

Health Catalyst Research Network™—Join for Free

  • Expand connections with biopharma and research organizations through our national data ecosystem and online knowledge exchange.
  • Differentiate from the competition with unique protocols and research projects.
  • Utilize algorithms to evaluate patients and expand precision medicine opportunities.
Touchstone Match dashboard

Touchstone Match™

  • User-friendly solution for feasibility research, real-world data, and trial startup for research-naive sites.
  • Transform your data into high-quality, research-grade data.
  • Enable quick and transparent development of patient cohorts using population analytics.
  • Recruit patients for clinical trials, keep them engaged during the process, and collect patient-reported outcomes.
Touchstone dashboards


Transform your data into high-quality, research-grade data to support biopharmaceutical companies and research organization use cases.

Healthcare ai

Healthcare.AI™ Expert Services

A team of data science experts who can guide the effective use of augmented intelligence (AI) in research use cases.

Case Studies

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations

“The Health Catalyst Research Offering is a pivotal piece in the decentralized puzzle as it helps sponsors and CROs find new patient populations that we know fit key inclusion/exclusion criteria.”

CJ Anderson, CEO of Cognitive Clinical Trials

CCT Research

Our data and analytics technology and professional services helped clients realize $1.5 billion in validated measurable improvements.

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