Health Catalyst Surges in KLAS Ratings for Healthcare AI

Newly published KLAS ratings for Healthcare.AI by Health Catalyst demonstrate the company’s commitment to transforming data into measurable value. Healthcare.AI differentiates Health Catalyst’s analytics, just one of ten building blocks in the healthcare data value chain. And Health Catalyst is the only company exclusively focused on healthcare that provides solutions proven to optimize the complete data value chain.

93.2 in KLAS Ratings

Notably, Health Catalyst is only one of two solution providers to score above the market average of 84.3.

KLAS ease of use
KLAS keeps promises

Four 100% Scores

Health Catalyst achieved 100% scores for “Keeps all promises,” “Would buy again,” “Part of long-term plans,” and “Avoids nickel-and-diming.”

Customer satisfaction with Health Catalyst has jumped sharply over the last year as the company has improved at digging into customers’ data and providing prescriptive guidance as to where they should focus their AI efforts. Customers report that this guidance enables them to focus on the right populations and problems. They speak highly of the vendor’s expertise and willingness to help them achieve their goals.

KLAS Healthcare AI 2022: Proven Outcomes with Data Science Solutions. Pg. 4

Case study: INTEGRIS Health

Using Augmented Intelligence to Guide Strategic Initiatives and Determine Areas of Focus: INTEGRIS Health uses Healthcare.AI to establish strategic benchmarks, set realistic stretch goals throughout their organization, and then measure improvement. They put strong emphasis on using the data to set the right goals in the right areas.

Case study: ChristianaCare

Enabling Better Identification of Heart Failure Patients at Risk for Hospital Readmission: By putting data from their Healthcare.AI models directly in their care managers’ workflows, ChristianaCare enables these resources to make better decisions as to which heart failure patients might be at risk for hospital readmission. Using the models has led to reduced readmissions—from well over 20% down to about 16%—as well as positive shared savings.

Life Sciences

Find out how you can expand your use of AI with Health Catalyst to transform your data into measurable value.

Health Catalyst, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Team Up to Achieve Sustainable Clinical Improvements

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