How Clinical Analytics Empowerment Improve Healthcare Outcomes and Care Standards

With over three decades of experience in the healthcare industry—from direct patient care to clinical and operational healthcare strategy and multiple management roles—Holly Rimmasch knows how organizations can leverage clinical quality analytics to achieve real improvement. In this episode, Rimmasch, Chief Clinical Officer, Senior Vice President, and General Manager over Clinical Quality Analytics at Health Catalyst, shared strategies for using clinical analytics once organizations have the data, how clinical analytics can prevent and lower patients’ risk, and using clinical data to transform individual care trends into population care standards.

Tune in to Hear Rimmasch Answer These Questions

  • What are critical advancements in how health systems acquire their clinical data? 3:30
  • Once organizations have critical clinical data, what do they do with it? 5:11
  • What are the missed opportunities of using data in a clinical setting and in an administrative setting?  9:30
  • What challenges and opportunities exist in using clinical analytics in centralized versus de-centralized health systems? 14:38
  • How is technology impacting the ecosystem of clinical data? 25:20

Noteworthy Quotes from Rimmasch

“I think the inception of the EMR has been a big help with acquisition of clinical data, which we never had before.”

“We need to think ‘How can we bring in data and analytics to understand the voice of the patient?’”

“There are a lot of untapped areas where we can access clinical quality data.”

“Organizations must have access to all of the data to understand care and survive in value-based care arrangements.”

How Will More Powerful Data and Analytics Drive Healthcare Forward?

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