Clinical Trials Day 2022: Celebrating Research Professionals Around the World

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Clinical Trials Day, celebrated every year on May 20, recognizes the clinical research professionals who work tirelessly to improve public health and provide new treatment options to patients.

Clinical Trials Day

Every May 20, Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world to recognize the people working in clinical research and to say thank you for the important work they are doing to provide new treatment options to patients and improve public health.

On May 20, 1747, James Lind started the famous scurvy experiment while aboard the HMS Salisbury. His discovery found that when a person suffering from scurvy includes citrus fruit in their diet, they recover faster. The research community considers this experiment one of the earliest examples of a successful controlled clinical trial.

Clinical research has come a long way in the past 275 years. The world has seen tremendous achievements in research—from first effective vaccine against mumps developed in a record-breaking four years back in 1967, to the unprecedented emergency authorization of COVID-19 vaccines in just 11 months in 2020. Time and time again, the research community has proven that when we work together, anything is possible.

At Health Catalyst, we are thankful for the dedicated and ongoing efforts of the research community.

To all the clinical research professionals—today is for you. Thank you for everything you do to advance research. Your work is making a difference.

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