Tom Lawry

Director, Worldwide Health, Microsoft

Healthcare and Software executive with extensive experience in startups, Fortune 100 companies and large, mission-driven health systems. Adept at creating and accelerating use of cloud-based analytics solutions that drive Digital Transformation in Healthcare. Passionate and experienced at improving the effectiveness of health systems through thoughtful use of technology balanced with personalized human touch. Lead through innovation, and have served as a CEO, solutions strategist, product developer, hospital executive and innovation consultant to numerous health care enterprises and partners around the world. Oriented towards getting results and fueling growth.

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Machine Learning in Healthcare: What C-Suite Executives Must Know to Use it Effectively in Their Organizations

Machine learning (ML) is gaining in popularity throughout healthcare. ML’s far-reaching benefits, from automating routine clinical tasks to providing visibility into which appointments are likely to no-show, make it a must-have in an industry that’s hyper focused on improving patient and operational outcomes.

This executive report—co-written by Microsoft Worldwide Health and Health Catalyst—is a basic guide to training machine learning algorithms and applying machine learning models to clinical and operational use case. This report shares practical, proven techniques healthcare organizations can use to improve their performance on a range of issues.

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