Sean Whitaker

Sean Whitaker joined Health Catalyst in January 2015 as an Engagement Lead. He comes to Health Catalyst from Valence Health where he worked as a Solutions Delivery Manager and then as Director of Program Management. Prior to Valence, Sean worked for Northwestern University Medical School in project and program management with a primary focus on creating tools to support clinical research.

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Healthcare Data Management: Three Principles of Using Data to Its Full Potential

Author Douglas Laney is now tackling the topic of Infonomics: the practice of information economics. In his 2017 book, Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an asset for competitive advantage, Laney provides detailed rationale as well as a thoughtful framework for treating information as a modern-day organization’s most valuable asset.

This article walks through how healthcare organizations can leverage data to its full potential using this framework and the three principles of infonomics:

• Measure - How much data does the organization have? What is it worth?
• Manage - What data does the organization have? Where is it stored?
• Monetize - How does the organization use data?

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