Michael Leonard, MD

Managing Partner, Safe & Reliable Healthcare and Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine

Dr. Michael Leonard has had the privilege of being able to work broadly across American healthcare as well as in several countries internationally. He has had the benefit of learning from people with deep expertise in safety culture and teamwork in high-risk environments, becoming particularly interested in the effective adoption of this learning into the world of healthcare in clear, effective and sustainable ways.

 Dr. Leonard joined with his longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Allan Frankel and worked extensively to develop practical, comprehensive models that enhance patient and family-centered care, effective leadership, a culture of safety, collaborative teamwork, high reliability, and an environment of continuous learning and improvement. The Team Based Engagement (TEM) model and the SocioTechnical Model are used effectively to assess and intervene at a clinical unit, hospital or health system level. Both Dr. Leonard and Dr. Frankel believe that providing a systematic framework and practical tools to enhance the delivery of safe, reliable care and continuous learning is tremendously valuable for patients, caregivers and healthcare organizations alike.

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