Kirstin Scott

Kirstin Scott has a background in instructional design. She began work at Health Catalyst in 2014 after 12 years as a medical writer at Intermountain Healthcare. There she worked primarily with Women and Newborns and Pediatric Specialty Clinical Programs.

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Is a Medical Writer the Missing Accelerant to Your Outcome Improvement Efforts?

Quality improvement efforts are more important than ever. However, even improvement efforts that have the right people, processes, and technology can struggle to make progress.  A medical writer with healthcare knowledge and strong information design skills may be the missing ingredient that can help speed time to adoption and value.

This article discusses the functions a medical writer can fulfill, and why they matter. You will also learn:

• The four skills that a medical writer with strong information design skills brings to an improvement team.
• Examples of output of medical writers in a healthcare setting.
• The skills a medical writer needs.

Additionally, you will learn how to find this unique skill set and where you might find this key person.

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