Duncan Gallagher

President of Donegal Advisory Services

Duncan Gallagher, President of Donegal Advisory Services, brings over 30 years of experience as an integrated health system CFO and senior management leader. His most recent role was Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and CFO of Allina Health, a $4.0 billion not-for-profit integrated health system based in Minneapolis. In his seven years as CFO at Allina Health, Gallagher was instrumental in establishing the health system as a national leader in navigating the shifting healthcare payment model from fee-for-service to one based on value and care quality. In the process, Allina demonstrated that the shift is better for patients, and can be financially viable for health system. In 2014, Allina pioneered the outsourcing of Allina’s $10 million, 70 FTE analytics department through a unique partnership with Health Catalyst. Leveraging the intellectual property of both partners while driving sharper focus, this arrangement ties Health Catalyst’s profit from the relationship to the delivery of measurable cost savings tightly aligning Allina’s success with its that of its partner. Gallagher played a central role in the formation of this strategy and led the development and negotiation process In 2016, Gallagher led a forward-looking strategy development process with the Allina senior management and its Board of Directors, shifting its system strategy and creating an Allina health plan serving the Twin Cities market, supported and enabled by the deep expertise and strong payor platform of its health plan partner, Aetna. While at Allina, Gallagher was recognized by the Minneapolis Business Journal as 2016 CFO of the year. Before Allina, Gallagher spent 10 years as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating/Finance Officer with Des Moines-based Unity Point Health, a $4.1 billion integrated health system. Gallagher previously served as a Partner with KPMG. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree from the University of South Dakota, and Master of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

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From Volume to Value: 10 Essential Strategies for Navigating the Healthcare Shift

As the transition of healthcare payment models from volume to value takes longer than expected, healthcare organizations must balance fee for service (FFS) with value-based care (VBC). The transition to VBC will accelerate, but as FFS persists and still generates adequate margins, organizations must also continue to be successful under volume-based reimbursement.

Ten tools can help health systems balance VBC with FFS:

1. A member perspective.
2. Cautious investment in hard delivery assets.
3. Accelerated investment in digital infrastructure.
4. Innovative digital engagement solutions.
5. Pricing concessions.
6. Aligned incentives.

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