Andrew Biviano

SVP Product Development, DOS

Andrew is passionate about innovating within the healthcare IT space, capitalizing on opportunities, and industry trends. He specializes in helping organizations build out product management methodology, developing highly-effective teams, and fostering career development of team members. Andrew has a background in engineering, a healthcare-focused Masters degree, HIMSS certification, and PMP training.

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Five Solutions to Widespread Self-Service Analytics Concerns

As data becomes more widely available, healthcare organizations are turning to self-service analytics to empower team members to make data-informed decisions. Rather than waiting for manual reports from analytics teams, self-service analytics allows individual team members to perform queries, run reports, and dive into the data details on their own. However, this broader distribution of data also presents concerns, such as deciding who will oversee the data, who can access which data, and how to best deliver the data to end users. Leaders can address these concerns and reap the benefits of self-service analytics by focusing on answers to five common hesitations:

1. Invest in advance data platforms to standardize data.
2. Teach analytics best practices and data literacy.
3. Leverage tools to take data beyond historical analytics.
4. Shift the analytics teams’ mindset.
5. Follow data security procedures and policies.

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