How We Really Feel about Working at Health Catalyst

Working at Health Catalyst

Editor note: the following Insight was written by Health Catalyst employees John Parsons, Danny Bueno, and K.C. Bell.

We have a great work environment at Health Catalyst, so when the company invited everyone to share their talents, we chose to highlight our unique culture – in a video.

People don’t always get to interact with us over in the engineering group, so we decided to reveal the inner pop-stars we keep inside – if you’re going to make a music video for your co-workers, you might as well go over the top! The nice part is, we knew we could show off our dance moves and not worry about anyone making fun of us.

The result provides a glimpse into the kind of loyalty and all-around work attitude our founders inspire in us. And yeah, that is us with those smooooth, monk-like voices.

Health Catalyst has won awards for our culture

Modern Healthcare’s 2013 Best Places to Work in Healthcare program ranks Health Catalyst fifth in the nation in the Suppliers category and 20th overall. Utah Business Magazine also named Health Catalyst one of its 2013 Best Utah Companies to Work For.

Part of what makes these awards so cool is that they both relied heavily on what we – the employees of Health Catalyst – think about the place where we spend our days. When you walk around the office, you see how much we like it here. We all feel pretty lucky that we get to work for such a unique company that shows just how much it cares for each individual employee.

Our leaders built a place where they’d want to work

When our founders set out to create Health Catalyst, they knew they had to build a place where every employee would feel respected and valued. They hit the nail on the head. And the best part? If we ever think they aren’t achieving these goals, we can tell them face-to-face. Our founders aren’t unreachable executives. They’re people we see every day in meetings, in the stairwell, the breakroom – and in music videos (the guys bumping chests? Our founders). We draw our own motivation to do the best work possible from the amazing examples they set and the culture they’ve built.

There’s more to Health Catalyst

We couldn’t cover everything in our music video. But you can learn more about Health Catalyst by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Plus, the links below will give you a few additional details about Health Catalyst, too.

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