Weekly News Roundup: September 6, 2019


Healthcare CIOs


Improving Strategic Engagement for Healthcare CIOs with Five Key Questions

Healthcare CIOs risk becoming marginalized from other members of their organization’s leadership when they focus too narrowly on technology and don’t engage with their peers’ strategic goals. As technology continues to grow and shift as healthcare adopts new tools and strategies around value-based payment goals, CIOs must stay engaged beyond the IT level to lead their services to their full potential. Read More

Meet the Modern Healthcare CIO: A Business Leader That is Casting off Their Traditional IT Role

The acronym for chief information officer is perhaps the last remaining link to the role CIOs have historically played. “Today’s CIO is no longer an engineering expert provisioning hardware and software,” said John Halamka, a longtime holder of that title at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Read More

Chicken Soup for the Healthcare CIO: Tough Questions About AI That Have Fairly Simple Answers

Tumultuous… the word that best describes the hope, expectations and trepidations regarding artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare CIOs across the globe today. Read More

The New Innovation Model: Monetizing Healthcare Data

As digital health innovators and healthcare enterprises alike try to improve access, convenience, and outcomes for healthcare consumers, data is front and center in how the competitive landscape is reshaping for the future. Read More

Healthcare CIOs Face New Pressures and Novel Opportunities

There’s no doubt that the role of technology is accelerating in healthcare and ushering in massive changes. Along with that, the role of the CIO is evolving as well. In fact, Black Book Market Research raised some eyebrows with its 2018 study that found healthcare CIOs losing influence in IT purchasing to departmental managers. Read More