Weekly News Roundup: October 25, 2019


Healthcare Analytics and Surgical Outcomes

When the Promise of Prehabilitation Meets the Power of Healthcare Analytics

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The healthcare industry continues to place more emphasis on preventive care, which can help reduce healthcare costs and improve patients’ quality of life. Another preventive concept, known as prehabilitation, is also gaining traction as a way to help patients who undergo surgical procedures recover faster. Read More

Going to Have Surgery? Four Things You Can Do to Make It Go More Smoothly

Minor procedures, such as cataract removal, may not require much advance preparation. But a few smart steps in the month before a major elective surgery-such as a hip replacement or an open abdominal procedure-can reduce the risk of complications and may even speed recovery. Read More

Meet the Doctor Using Big Data to Transform Health Decision Making

A Welsh doctor is on a mission to transform the way decisions about health are made through the use of big data. Dafydd Loughran, a trained surgeon who lives in Cardiff, cofounded the digital consent platform Concentric Health with the aim of personalizing outcomes, simplifying medical complexity, and informing patients about the decisions that affect them. Read More

New Program Identifies People Considering Surgery

Identifying people considering elective surgeries results in better medical decisions and lowers costs, according to a data analysis by ConsumerMedical. Its combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics reduced surgical expenses by half and improved medical outcomes, according to the company. Read More

Prehabilitation Lowers Episode Costs Under Bundled Payment Models

Dedicating even a couple hours to helping patients understand and prepare for a procedure prior to surgery can save providers millions under bundled payment models. Healthcare industry expert and former CMS official Charlene Frizzera explains how. Read More