Weekly News Roundup: November 22, 2019

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Cloud Computing in Healthcare: Making the Vital Shift

Even decades into the digital age, healthcare data is not yet living up to its promise. Over 90 percent of organizations in all kinds of industries worldwide now use cloud computing in their operations, but healthcare organizations lag behind. They are still unable to access and gain value from the data they collect. Read More

The Four Big Ways Microsoft Wants to Change Healthcare

When you think of Big Tech giants moving into health care, Amazon, Apple, Google, and IBM likely come to mind. But a sleeping giant may be waiting in the wings: Microsoft. Daily Briefing’s Jackie Kimmell rounds up four big healthcare bets the company is making that you might’ve missed. Read More

Yes, Google’s Using Your Healthcare Data-and It’s Not Alone

Google is working with one of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S. to collect patient data on millions of Americans in 21 states and across 2,600 hospitals or clinics in order to analyze it and come up with advice for better patient care and cost cutting measures. Read More

Cyber and the Cloud: Overcoming the Key Security Challenges Amid Multi-Cloud Rise

Cloud computing has become a prevalent force, bringing economies of scale and breakthrough technological advances to modern organisations, but it is more than just a trend. Cloud computing has evolved at an incredible speed and, in many organisations, is now entwined with the complex technological landscape that supports critical daily operations. Read More