Weekly News Roundup: May 29, 2020


COVID-19 Antibody Testing

CDC Says Possibly ‘Less Than Half’ Of Positive Antibody Tests Are Correct

In updated guidance posted on its website over the weekend, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledged an inability to accurately determine if individuals had been infected with Covid-19 via antibody tests. Read More

Antibody Tests Were Hailed as a Way to End Lockdowns. They’re Causing Confusion Instead

Some communities considered antibody testing as a way out of lockdown. But they’ve pulled back as they realized its flaws. Read More

Why Immunity to the Novel Coronavirus Is So Complicated

Some immune responses may be enough to make a person impervious to reinfection, but scientists don’t yet know how the human body reacts to this new virus. Read More

Maps and Dashboards Show New Coronavirus Hotspots and Reopening Dates by State and County

Definitive Healthcare offers a dashboard and interactive tool that can filter by state, and by county, and report what’s opening and when. Read More

Restarting Ambulatory Care and Elective Procedures: Analytics Guide Safe, Pragmatic Decisions

Discussions aimed to help Health Catalyst and its partners identify the data and analytics needs for understanding the pandemic, particularly as the focus shifts from initial response to recovery and rescheduling elective surgery. The second forum covered two topics: how virtual care analytics supports rapid change in ambulatory care delivery and how analytic insights help drive a COVID-19 financial recovery plan. Read More