Weekly News Roundup: May 17, 2019


Accountable Care Organizations



ACOs and CINs: Past, Present, and Future

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and clinically integrated networks (CINs) are two types of organizations working to address the problem of rising costs. As ACOs and CINs continue to evolve, organizations moving into value-based care (VBC) face an ever-changing landscape. This article looks at the evolution of the ACO and CIN models, what new tools ACOs employ today to promote success, and lessons learned from organizations that have succeeded in alternative payment models. It also explores what healthcare experts believe the future of alternative payment models will look like and competencies to develop to meet those changing demands.
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Provider Groups Want to Make Next-Generation ACOs Permanent

Leading provider groups are asking HHS to make the next-generation accountable care organization (ACO) model a permanent part of Medicare’s largest ACO program: the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). In a letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar and CMS Administrator Seema Verma, the National … Read More

ACOs Less Likely to Leave Medicare Program After Third Year

CMS credited MSSP with saving $314 million overall to the Medicare Trust Fund in 2017. One issue that’s holding back ACO success, however, is the switch from upside to downside risk, according to experts. A National Association of ACOs study last year found nearly three-fourths of ACOs would leave MSSP in 2019 if forced to assume financial risk. Read More

Medicaid ACO Growth Still Lags Behind Medicare, Commercial Payers

Medicaid accountable care organizations (ACOs) have not grown as quickly as industry experts anticipated, according to a new report from Leavitt Partners. ACOs with at least one Medicaid contract accounted for just eight percent of all ACOs by the end of 2018, the healthcare intelligence business found using ACO data from their Torch Insight database. Read More

Half of ACOs Likely to Exit MSSP Due to Downside Risk Requirements

Just over half of accountable care organizations (ACOs) said they would consider leaving the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) if required to take on more downside risk, revealed a study published in Health Affairs. Thirty-two percent of ACOs said they are extremely or very likely to leave, and 19 percent believe they are moderately likely to leave. Read More

ACOs Stick with Medicare Program When They Get Bonuses

Accountable care organizations are more likely to stay in the Medicare Shared Savings Program if they achieve bonuses, even if it’s just once, according to a new study. The analysis, published Monday in Health Affairs, found that the risk of an ACO leaving the Medicare program is cut by more than three-quarters if they receive shared savings for at least one performance year. Read More