Weekly News Roundup: May 15, 2020


COVID-19 Analytics


Using Remote Patient Monitoring to Drive Pandemic Communication

A the University of Minnesota Health Fairview, remote patient monitoring has helped keep the connection between patient and provider, even during coronavirus-mandated social distancing. Read More

How COVID-19 Is Changing Analytics Spending

Analytics and business intelligence (BI) projects show early signs of defying the economic downturn COVID-19 continues to create. Businesses are seeing analytics and BI as the radar they need to plan and execute strategies essential to their survival. Read More

Virtual Care Analytics Supports Rapid Change in Ambulatory Care Delivery

Community Health Network (CHNw) rapidly adjusted to COVID-19, changing primary care appointments to virtual care. With this change came the need for new data and analytics to assess the impact on the number of completed appointments and the implications for provider productivity and reimbursement rates. Read More

Remote Healthcare Work: Best Practices amid COVID-19

The social distancing response to COVID-19 is moving portions of the workforce away from the office or facility setting and into remote, or work-from-home, environments. For healthcare organizations, team members now working from home may include clinicians offering telehealth services … Read More

COVID-19: Why Behavior Analytics Can Be a Useful Tool for Employers

Behavior analytics on employees looks to uncover workers’ true feelings and productivity while adjusting to remote work. Read More

COVID-19 is Widening Gaps in Health Equity. Here are Some Ways Organizations are Trying to Address it

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting low-income, underserved populations particularly hard. Many people who have been furloughed or lost their jobs are struggling to pay for basic needs. And in communities of color across the country, COVID-19 has exposed existing inequalities. Addressing social determinants of health is more critical than ever, experts say. Read More