Weekly News Roundup: May 10, 2019


Improvement Opportunities for Payers

Healthcare Analytics for Payers: How to Thrive Through Shifting Financial Risk

As the healthcare industry continues to transition to value-based care (VBC) models, financial risk is shifting away from the payers and toward the providers. Payers are looking to alternate payment models (APMs) and other strategies to drive more value to their members. Read More

How the Agility of the Back Office Is Driving Companies Forward

Dealing with uncertainty comes naturally to the insurance industry-after all, insurers are in the business of mitigating risks-but today’s challenges are vastly different from years past. Digitization is causing all sorts of disruption, including new types of competitors and higher consumer expectations, while the regulatory landscape keeps growing in complexity. Read More

Health Providers and Payers Slipping on Consumer Experience, Patient Payments

The consumer experience and convenient patient payments are a considerable blind spot for healthcare organizations and payers, according to a new report from InstaMed. The Trends in Healthcare Payments Ninth Annual Report revealed that an increasingly consumerized patient population is looking for more out of their payers and providers. Read More

Payers, PBMs Hinder Drug Access for Autoimmune Patients

Health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers are not making the grade when it comes to access to medications for autoimmune diseases, according to a new study. But insurers say the study doesn’t paint the full picture. Read More

Communication Key for Out-of-Pocket Patient Costs, Affordability

Conversations about out-of-pocket patient costs are few and far between during clinical encounters, although training sessions discussing communication strategies can help, according to two new studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Cost of healthcare is a key element to the patient experience, with costs increasingly tied to limited care management adherence. Read More

You May Be Able to Compare Health Care Costs on Your Phone-One Day

The federal government is behind the effort to bring greater transparency to healthcare costs, but warns it may take years. Read More