Weekly News Roundup: March 29,2019


How are 2019 Predictions Holding Up?

Population Health Trends to Watch, Trends to Question in 2019

healthcare organizations cannot afford to ignore consumers in 2019, as a number of major trends shape the future of care delivery (and a number of other trends warrant more critical thinking). Read More

The Top Five 2019 Healthcare Trends to Watch

During the 2018 mid-term elections, candidates faced off with bold claims to fix the broken healthcare system. So what is the new congress doing to improve healthcare and fix the gridlocked political system? Read More

2019 Online Scheduling and Client Management Trends for Appointment-Based Businesses

If you are an appointment-based business, online scheduling and client management are two important (and deeply related) areas you need to pay attention to if you want to get ahead this year. I believe the online scheduling software market is poised for rapid growth, making it a necessity if you want to stay competitive. Read More

Hospital Revenue Cycle Trends in 2019

Shrinking reimbursement rates and increasing costs keep hospital and health system CFOs and revenue cycle leaders constantly seeking strategies to improve the financial health of their organizations. Boosting revenue cycle performance is a key imperative for hospital leaders, and they’re implementing new technology and partnering with vendors to navigate the ever-changing reimbursement landscape. Read More