Weekly News Roundup: March 15, 2019

Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare Job Growth Outpaced Nearly Every Other Sector in 2018

The healthcare sector created one in seven new jobs in the United States in 2018, according to new preliminary data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For 2018, healthcare created a total of 346,000 jobs-nearly 29,000 new jobs each month-up from 284,000 jobs created in 2017 . Read More

Why CIOs Went From Back-Office Operators to Mission-Critical Innovators

In healthcare, we’re seeing a high level of CIO turnover. It’s unprecedented. In the last 18 months, almost half of the health systems west of the Mississippi have new IT leadership. What’s behind this trend? A lot of it has to do with the changing role of the CIO. Read More

Is a Medical Writer the Missing Accelerant to Outcomes Improvement?

As healthcare organizations pursue greater efficiency and shift focus from volume to value, quality improvement efforts are more important than ever. If improvement efforts are poorly managed or executed, projects can easily stall out and take up valuable time, money, and resources, while returning little in the way of results. Read More

How to Turn Data Analysts into Data Scientists

There is a large shortage of healthcare data scientists which is hindering the ability of health systems to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Instead, health systems have data analysts who understand the organization’s data, people, and workflows. Read More

Health Systems Look to Boost Employee Retention Through Minimum Wage Hikes

As hospitals and health systems look to trim expenses, many have seemingly flipped the narrative with minimum wage raises. Systems including Atrium Health, Advocate Aurora Health, Cleveland Clinic, Hartford HealthCare, Jefferson Health, UPMC and Trinity Health have bumped up their base wages in recent months. Read More