Weekly News Roundup: June 14, 2019


Population Health

Three Ways Healthcare Professionals Can Use Social Media To Improve Population Health

From helping chronically ill people feel less isolated, to correcting the spread of diagnostic misinformation, to helping patients get the care they need faster, social media can offer a host of benefits to patients and the healthcare professionals treating them. Read More

Taking a Lesson from Precision Medicine to Improve Population Health, Patient Experiences

As the number of individuals with chronic conditions rises and consumer expectations continue to change, leaders are challenged to rethink how they impact population health and the patient experience. Precision medicine may provide a helpful framework. Read More

Introducing a Data- and Analytics-First Approach to Population Health Management

As healthcare costs continue to soar, organizations ranging from health systems to large employers increasingly assume a greater share of the financial risk for managing the health of populations. Most of these organizations, however, struggle to attain the optimum balance of high-quality care and cost containment-the building blocks of success in the new world of value-based care. Read More

How Academic Medical Centers Can Boost Population Health Management

With the healthcare industry embracing a comprehensive, holistic approach to patient care, more organizations are seeking to improve their population health management efforts. While providers, payers, and government agencies all have roles to play in enhancing population health, academic medical centers are in a unique position to support this effort. Read More