Weekly News Roundup: June 12, 2020


COVID-19 and Telehealth

The coronavirus pandemic has stretched hospital resources, disrupted care delivery, and cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars in lost revenue. Is increased patient access through telehealth services a silver lining that will endure? In this week’s news roundup: how the pandemic has transformed the telehealth industry forever; why telehealth might foster better doctor patient relationships; how to scale telehealth solutions to increase patient access during COVID-19; and one hospital’s success story.


Telehealth solutionsHow to Scale Telehealth Solutions to Increase Patient Access During COVID-19

The reduction in non-emergent procedures and routine care has decreased access to care for patients and placed a financial strain on healthcare organizations. Health systems can help compensate for these setbacks through telehealth—the virtual delivery of care through digital platforms, including Facetime and videoconferencing.

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healthcare operations

How the Pandemic has Transformed the Telehealth Industry Forever

Telehealth use has skyrocketed during the outbreak—and the trend is probably here to stay. A pandemic of this scope naturally strains hospital capacity, and people with chronic conditions such as heart problems and diabetes likely don’t want to go into a hospital setting where they put themselves at risk.

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research ecosystemTelehealth Shows Promise for Fostering Better Doctor-Patient Relationships

In a study from Mayo Clinic Proceedings, NYU Langone and Doctor on Demand showed how patients are finding value in virtual care, with many citing a rewarding rapport with their provider.

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healthcare data governanceSilver Lining to Coronavirus Crisis: Telehealth May Improve Patient Adherence And Persistence

For decades, poor medication adherence has been recognized as a significant and persistent problem in the healthcare system. Numerous studies have shown that up to 50% of patients exhibit varying degrees of non-adherence and non-persistence. Telehealth services can be deployed as a tool to improve medication adherence and persistence.

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Virtual health visitSuccess Story: Virtual Visits and Analytics Enable Continued Delivery of Ambulatory Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Texas Children’s Hospital introduced virtual visits to increase appointment availability in 2019. With the emergence of COVID-19, they were challenged to make data-informed decisions that would allow them to continue offering critically needed healthcare services, while ensuring the safety of its patients, staff, and providers.

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