Weekly News Roundup: July 12, 2019


Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs)

Continuity of Care Documents: Today’s Top Solution for Healthcare Interoperability Demands

ACOs, clinically integrated networks, and those seeking to increase exposure to value-based payment models and take on risk need more data interoperability to achieve desired outcomes. Organizations that continue to rely solely on claims data to drive quality improvement may lack more than 80 percent of available critical patient information. Read More

Achieving a Network-of-Networks with Health Data Standardization

The concept of a network-of-networks lies at the center of several stakeholder efforts to achieve true interoperability. Stakeholders in the public and private sector have touted the benefits of a nationwide network-of-networks for years. Networks-of-networks essentially link all participating healthcare organizations together through common standards to enable cross-organization exchange. Read More

5 Things to Know about CCDs

It’s common knowledge that the continuity of care document (CCD) specification is a healthcare standard EHRs will use to exchange data, based on requirements outlined in Meaningful Use. But there’s more to know CCDs and how they will impact organizations’ Meaningful Use efforts in the months ahead.

Read More

Interoperability in Healthcare Data: A Life-Saving Advantage

Health system-sponsored, regional and statewide health information exchanges (HIEs) have come a long way in giving healthcare providers vital patient information needed to achieve population health management (PHM) goals. Read More