Weekly News Roundup: January 18, 2019

Healthcare Project Management in the News


Healthcare Project Management Techniques: A Pragmatic Approach to Outcomes Improvement

Healthcare leaders are working hard to continuously refine and advance their processes in order to improve patient care, reduce costs, and improve the patient’s overall experience and satisfaction-the Triple Aim. Healthcare project management skills have become increasingly important to businesses, including the healthcare industry, because they help control costs, manage risk, and improve project outcomes. Read More

5 Strategies for Quality Improvement Project Success | HealthLeaders Media

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has developed a QI Project Management Tool to help health systems and other healthcare organizations implement quality improvement initiatives. As healthcare organizations seek out greater efficiency and shift their business models from volume to value, quality improvement project management has become an essential capability in operational areas ranging from clinical care to finance to innovation. Read More

Agile vs. Waterfall development: When hybrid is the smartest approach | Healthcare IT News

Agile project management and waterfall can coexist and project managers can find value in learning to manage both. Read More

Consider Agile in Healthcare as a Peer to Waterfall

It may not quite reach the epic rivalry proportions of Pepsi vs. Coke, the iPhone vs. Android, or even Chevy vs. Ford, but if you want to watch a group of developers (healthcare or otherwise) get intense, just bring up the topic of Waterfall vs. … Read More