Weekly News Roundup: February 28, 2020

Value-Based Care

The Role of the Accountable Care Organization in Value-Based Care

The accountable care organization has been a key instrument for moving the industry away from fee-for-service, but the model is not the final solution for value-based care, experts say. Read More

From Volume to Value: 10 Essential Strategies for Navigating the Healthcare Shift

he healthcare industry is in limbo between value- and volume-based payment models, as unaffordability pushes a shift to value, but the current environment still supports volume. To survive economically, health systems must understand the factors driving and sustaining both payment models as well as strategies to balance value succeed as value replaces volume. Read More

States Testing Value-Based Payments in Medicaid Managed Care

Several states are pushing value-based payment in Medicaid managed care, but the jury is still out on which approaches work the best because there’s not enough data, according to the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission. Read More

Where Providers and Payers Stand on Consumerism, Value-Based Care, and Healthcare Transformation

Be it consumerism or interoperability, payers and providers are not seeing eye to eye. And when it comes to value-based care, there is an even bigger disconnect between the two according to the results of a new survey. Read More

Implementing Value-Based Reimbursement in Behavioral Healthcare

BlueCross BlueShield Western New York has formed a value-based reimbursement arrangement to reinforce value-based behavioral healthcare into substance abuse care in the region. Read More