Weekly News Roundup: February 21


Data Literacy

Healthcare Data Literacy: A Must-Have for Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

The journey to prioritize data and become a data-driven healthcare organization starts at the top. Leadership must drive the change, emphasize the importance of data literacy at every level, and understand that the journey to becoming data-driven is an ever-evolving state based on the analytic tools and talent available. Read More

Why Data Storytellers Will Define the Next Decade Of Data

For today’s digital businesses, data can serve both as an input and an output. Data can be an invaluable asset if it is well-managed or a costly liability if it’s not. In no previous decade has data been as integral to business success as it is now. Read More

Lack of Data Literacy Costs Employers Five Days of Productivity Each Year, Study Says

Employers can’t expect employees to work with data without the right training or appropriate tools, researchers said. Read More

Why Data Management and Data Literacy Need to Go Together

Data literacy is gaining mainstream acceptance as more than a talking point. It’s quickly moving to a strategic initiative for chief data officers (CDOs) and other C-level executives. As to why now, that’s not a big mystery-data is everywhere and growing. Making sense of data and putting it to use across the organization means everyone must be able to use data effectively everywhere for business actions and outcomes. Read More