Weekly News Roundup: December 7, 2018


Finally, we’re also sharing the four essentials of NLP and how text analytics can be used to improve patient outcomes.

NLP evolving from legacy tech to interactive apps with text and speech for pop health and precision medicine

Natural language processing is a useful technology that’s become so commonplace in recent years it’s almost hard to remember how miraculous it once seemed. Hospitals are leveraging NLP to innovate clinician interactions with their electronic health records, of course. Read More

Why data integrity is the key to machine learning in healthcare

As innovative technologies designed to support implementation of value-based care models continue to flood the market and patient demand for transparency of quality and cost of the care grows, patient-centric, data-driven technologies will lead the roost. These technology platforms address the need for timely, actionable patient-specific insights and leverage data to meaningfully improve quality, drive efficiencies and lower costs. Read More

Healthcare NLP: 4 Essentials

The healthcare industry has recently realized a sharp increase in interest in natural language processing (NLP). The unstructured clinical record contains a wealth of insight into patients that isn’t available in the structured record. Additionally, advances in data science and AI have introduced new techniques for analyzing text, broadening and deepening understanding of the patient. Read More

Healthcare Text Analytics and Machine Learning-Use Both

Risk scores are used widely in healthcare. They help providers identify patients at higher risk for certain events and conditions, enabling focused interventions to reduce that risk. These risk scores can also act as great educational tools for providers, enabling them to show their patients the effect of certain lifestyle changes on their health. Read More

Amazon launches NLP service to process unstructured text

A new machine learning service from Amazon Web Services is being offered to process unstructured medical text and identify information such as patient diagnosis, treatments, dosages, and symptoms. Amazon Comprehend Medical is being touted as a natural language processing service that makes it … Read More