Weekly News Roundup: December 13, 2018

Healthcare Data and Platforms in the News

Healthcare data comes from many different types of sources. Could smart speakers be a new healthcare data source? Could the new iPad Pro help streamine both clinical and administrative workflows? This week, our news roundup includes some of the biggest stories about healthcare data-some of which may soon come from unlikely sources.

We also share lessons from the last 20 years of enterprise data warehousing, a conversation with Dale Sanders, president of technology at Health Catalyst, about commercial vs. homegrown healthcare data platforms, and a study showing that enterprise resource planning is the next big thing for many hospitals as they look to embrace value-based care.

‘Hey, Alexa! How’s My Blood Pressure?’

Amazon is teaming up with Omron Healthcare, which makes blood pressure monitors, as it looks for new ways to bring its voice technology into health care. The move comes as Amazon makes a deeper push into health and wellness in many parts of the company. Read More

The Digital Health Platform: Commercial Tops Homegrown

There’s a growing sense of confidence among CIOs and CTOs that they can now build their own enterprise analytics and application development platforms. Some of that confidence is well-founded, but much of it is not…that’s the opinion of Dale Sanders, President of Technology at Health Catalyst. Read More

AI’s Next Healthcare Target: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Now that electronic health records have, for the most part, been universally adopted in the U.S., enterprise resource planning is the next top to-do for many hospitals, and artficial intelligence is likely to be a big part of it, a new survey shows. Read More

How Will Apple’s New iPad Pro Impact Healthcare at the Point of Care?

Dr. Chrono’s Daniel Kivatinos explains how healthcare could benefit from going pro with Apple’s newest iPad. Take a good look at Apple’s iPad Pro, and you may see why the device could open new doors in productivity. In fact, a glance is all that’s required to unlock it thanks to Face ID, one of its most appealing … Read More

The Healthcare Data Warehouse: Lessons from 20 Years

The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) at Intermountain Healthcare went live in 1998, followed by the EDW at Northwestern Medicine in 2006. Twenty years on, in 2018, analytics and technology continue to drive healthcare’s most significant advancements and daily activities, impacting healthcare from executive decision making to the frontlines of care and patient experience. Read More