Weekly News Roundup: August 9, 2019


Academic Medical Centers and Data Analytics

Academic medical centers (AMCs) are a triple threat on the healthcare court with their combined medical center, education, and research sections. With a unique set of resources, AMCs have the ability to take a comprehensive, holistic approach to patient care. However, one of the challenges they still face is effectively utilizing healthcare analytics. In this week’s news roundup: How AMCs can leverage three areas of healthcare analytics, boost population health management, and automate artificial intelligence for medical decision making. Plus, why AMCs are adapting new business models.

Academic Medical Centers: A Triple Threat Approach to Leveraging Healthcare Analytics

With its combined medical center, research, and education arms, the academic medical center (AMC) is a uniquely resource-rich member of the healthcare industry. However, despite this expansive access, AMCs still need more effective strategies to merge their disparate data and use that information to improve their complex mission–from delivering quality care and furthering medical research to educating tomorrow’s healthcare leaders. Read More

How Academic Medical Centers Can Boost Population Health Management

With the healthcare industry embracing a comprehensive, holistic approach to patient care, more organizations are seeking to improve their population health management efforts. While providers, payers, and government agencies all have roles to play in enhancing population health, academic medical centers are in a unique position to support this effort. Read More

Automating Artificial Intelligence for Medical Decision Making

An MIT-developed machine-learning model automates the “feature engineering” involved in using AI for medical decision making. In a new study, AI automatically identified voicing patterns of people with vocal cord nodules and used those features to predict which patients had the condition. Read More

Academic Medical Centers Adapting with New Business Models

Academic medical centers (AMCs) will have to implement new business models to remain profitable and competitive in the wake of healthcare consumerism, new industry entrants, provider consolidation, and technology disruption, PwC’s Health Research Institute states in a new report. AMCs serve a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Read More