Weekly News Roundup: August 2, 2019


Healthcare Data Management

Healthcare Data Management: Three Principles of Using Data to Its Full Potential

U.S. healthcare is too expensive and inefficient, with undesirable variation in quality. Healthcare organizations need to begin treating data as a powerful asset and be willing to invest in a strategy for leveraging it in order to address these issues and realize the Triple Aim. Read More

As FTC Cracks Down, Data Ethics Is Now a Strategic Business Weapon

Five billion dollars. That’s the apparent size of Facebook’s latest fine for violating data privacy. While many believe the sum is simply a slap on the wrist for a behemoth like Facebook, it’s still the largest amount the Federal Trade Commission has ever levied on a technology company. Read More

‘Dark Data’ And Why You Should Add A CDO

Given the immense amounts of data organizations increasingly possess, it should come as no surprise that most of these organizations do not fully utilize their data’s value. In fact, it’s become increasingly apparent that many of these companies may not necessarily know what kind or how much information they truly have under their control. Read More

Healthcare Data Governance: Four Critical Phases

Healthcare data allows organizations to evaluate how care is delivered and funded, how patients are engaged and educated, and how payers and providers can work together to improve value. Data governance allows organizations to maximize the value of their data to improve outcomes. Read More