Weekly News Roundup: April 5, 2019


Data and the Life Science Industry

Extended Real-World Data: The Life Science Industry’s Number One Asset

The life science industry (pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, digital therapeutics companies, and other innovators) has invested significantly in data-specifically, extended real-world data (RWD)/real-world evidence (RWE). More importantly, the industry has realized that focusing on population health management (PHM) and outcomes improvement is its guiding principle and top goal, and data is one part of how it will achieve that goal. Read More

What Is A Data Science Mindset-And Does Pharma R&D Really Need One?

Data scientists are optimistic about the opportunity to improve how new medicines are discovered; most traditional medical scientists (including most pharma researchers) are skeptical these new approaches will deliver benefit to patients, but convincible, saying, appropriately: “show me the data.” Read More

How the Cloud Can Transform Pharma

The scalability and agility of the cloud can help pharmaceutical companies of all sizes streamline clinical research and reduce costs, while simultaneously making it possible to grow as business needs expand. Read More

Big Pharma Hesitant to Embrace Cloud?

Security and the complexity of digital transformation are some of the factors giving pharmaceutical companies pause when deciding whether or not to embrace cloud technology. In addition, the substantial investment big pharma has already made in on-premises solutions for data storage means some companies don’t yet see the financial advantage in making the move to the cloud. Read More

Novartis CEO Who Wanted To Bring Tech Into Pharma Now Explains Why It’s So Hard

We need to bring our best technology – biological and digital – and our most creative people together to work on this monumental challenge. One clear take-away from the Narasimhan interview: pharma is at the very earliest stages of figuring out how to do this. Read More