Why Payers, Providers and Life Science/Pharma Must Join Forces in Leveraging Real-World Data To Achieve True Value-Based Care

Is value-based care (VBC) the path to reducing the 18% of GDP that is spent on healthcare? It just may be, but all parties must play their part. Iya Khalil, chief commercial officer & co-founder at GNS Healthcare argues that in order for VBC to reach peak levels of performance and adoption, there must be a convergence of understanding between three key players: payers, providers and the life science industry.
These three parties have developed lifesaving innovations, tech-enabled new procedures, and advanced medical training that have all contributed over the last half century to push the US economy to spend an unsustainable amount on healthcare. Data and analytics are key to fixing this problem and are transforming the way that healthcare is delivered, however, VBC implementation remains complex. In this webinar Iya and Elia Stupka, chief analytics officer and senior vice president, life sciences business at Health Catalyst will discuss how the healthcare industry reached this tipping point, why the move to VBC is so important, and how these parties can jointly work together to make healthcare sustainable.