Why Clinical Quality Should Be Your Core Business Strategy

Over 100 years ago, healing professionals and healthcare itself went through a massive transformation that led us to the models of care delivery that we use today. Dr. Brent James argues that we are now, again, at a once-in-a-century inflection point to change the course of healthcare. Change takes real effort, but provides massive opportunity. Those changes include a move away from the highly-profitable fee-for-service payment to fee-for-value. An IOM report, published in 2010, substantiated that more than a third of healthcare spending is waste. Pay-for-value aligns financial returns for those who invest in waste elimination. It also requires that clinicians move away from the craft of medicine to the science of medicine, using data and evidence to drive better clinical care.
Join us for a webinar discussion with Brent James, MD, MStat. As the vice president and chief quality officer at Intermountain Healthcare, Dr. James led much of the change that produced Intermountain’s recognized operational and clinical excellence. Dr. James will educate and inspire all of us to do great work by sharing practical stories of how data has become the critical tool to help healthcare shift from revenue enhancement to clinical quality, which produces the most affordable care. View the webinar and learn how to:
  • Use data to find variations in both cost and quality of care.
  • Standardize care without demotivating underperforming outliers.
  • Build a culture of data-driven care providers.
  • Develop an improvement strategy that you can start today.
Sought the world over, Dr. James is a recognized expert in this outcomes improvements area. He has championed the standardization of clinical care through data collection and analysis on a wide variety of treatment protocols and complex care processes for more than 20 years. Today, he firmly believes the practice of medicine and delivery of health care stands at a critical crossroads that you can impact. This is a once-a-century moment and we hope you will join us.

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