Value Based Reimbursement: The New Reality (Webinar)

Value-Based Purchasing in healthcare is here to stay. Though the industry has come to terms with this reality, there are still more updates and changes than most of us can keep up with. In a world of accountable care, quality measures, shared savings, and bundled payments, everyone seems to have more questions than answers. Bobbi Brown, Vice President, Financial Engagements outlines the latest announcements on Value-Based and how to prepare your organization for success in this new reality. Having previously worked in healthcare administration and finance for Kaiser, Sutter, and Intermountain, Bobbi is no stranger to translating complex legislative requirements for complex health systems. Bobbi discusses the various programs offered by CMS, in particular:
  • What the programs are
  • How these programs are measured
  • What the current incentives are
  • Results of the programs to date
  • Organizational changes needed for the shift in programs
This webinar will equip you with the background information you need to understand the full range of value-based purchasing, and it will provide you with actionable strategies to improve your level of clinical care measures.

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