Transforming Healthcare: The Promise of Innovation

A number of powerful technologies are on the verge of producing dramatic change in how, when and where care is delivered, including artificial intelligence, genomics, monitoring sensors, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, mobile computing technologies and others. This technology-driven change will dramatically impact all healthcare providers, and it will propel healthcare into the realm of Big Data. Participants will:
  • Appreciate the role of innovation in healthcare's future.
  • Understand the classes of technology that will foster innovation and drive change.
  • Learn how technology-driven change will support data-driven improvement and population health management.
  • Know how these technologies will impact analytics.
  • Understand the application of transformational principles in light of the many engaging practitioner discussions at the recently concluded Health Analytics Summit.
The future is becoming clearer and it promises to be exciting, impactful, and powerful for patients and healthcare providers alike.

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