Transforming Healthcare: Data Alone Is Not Sufficient (Webinar)

In volume-driven healthcare, provider organizations attempt to gain mass, often by acquisition and centralization, and manage profit or efficiency through cost reduction initiatives and economies of scale.The report card for the current model is clear: A for the technology of healthcare, and F for value. This data-driven management-by-optimization model isn’t working.  Innovation, not optimization is the key to survival and success. Data and analytics are necessary but alone are insufficient to produce innovation. We propose a fundamentally different approach, coupling practices modeled on the science of adaptation and successful, highly innovative companies with new healthcare metrics and analytics. Adaptation is the cumulative result of many small changes over time. The higher the velocity of adaptation, the better organisms deal with rapid environmental change. Healthcare organizations can and must learn to safely increase their velocity of adaptation. Current Healthcare Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) assess the effect of organizational behaviors in the past but don’t tell us which behaviors contributed positively and negatively. In order to drive future KPIs, we need to identify and measure the adaptive behaviors that are influencing performance today and link those measures to interventions that will improve performance tomorrow.

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