Toward Proactive, Predictive, and Personalized Care: How Startups Are Using Data Science to Build a Better Future for Healthcare (HAS18)

Steven Collens Chief Executive Officer, MATTER The healthcare system is moving from one where patients interact with care episodically and reactively, toward a future where healthcare is proactive, predictive, and personalized. Currently, patients wait to see a doctor when they are sick—soon, healthcare will come to the patient before they even realize they have a medical problem. The technology and analytics capabilities needed to make this future happen are rapidly advancing as innovative healthcare startups work toward a new healthcare model where proactive, predictive, and personalized care is a reality for all patients. Join Steven Collens, CEO of MATTER, to learn about trends in healthcare startup innovations, current focuses of healthcare digital entrepreneurs, and examples of how cutting-edge companies are harnessing healthcare data in new and novel ways. MATTER is the premier health technology collaborative that includes more than 200 start-ups and 70 industry partners committed to improving health and care for every patient. MATTER start-ups have raised $528 million in financing and their solutions have thus far benefited 76 million patients. This presentation will provide attendees with:
  • Insight into how healthcare entrepreneurs are leveraging data and digital technology to build the future of healthcare.
  • Tips for working effectively with startups and building internal innovation capacity to create real value for patients.