Top 7 Financial Healthcare Trends and Challenges for 2016

Healthcare financial leaders will encounter a myriad of challenges and improvement opportunities in 2016. This year will force health system financial leadership to focus and prioritize, with challenges including increased healthcare spending, continued momentum toward value-based care, and the need to reexamine the revenue cycle after years of focusing so intently on ICD-10. But 2016’s financial healthcare trends include more than just challenges; exciting opportunities abound, from using technology to engage patients to a national focus on population health. For the past several years, Bobbi Brown, our Vice President of Financial Engagement, has shared her predictions on trends and challenges that face the industry. We are happy to give the opportunity once again this year with a new webinar highlighting her top seven financial healthcare trends of 2016. Bobbi will also share the attributes necessary for healthcare leaders—particularly the characteristics of effective change leaders (resilient, collaborative, and inspirational)—to overcome challenges and make improvements to stay ahead of the curve in 2016. Attendees will understand:
  • The impact of these top seven trends to their organization.
  • Where to focus their quality improvement and efforts
  • How these 2016 trends will increase the need for healthcare data analytics.
It's always interesting to look ahead and try to predict what might or might not happen. Come prepared to share your opinions, vote on Bobbi’s predictions, and join in for a candid and lively conversation. We hope you will join us.

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