The Top Trends That Matter in 2014 (Webinar)

Known for her keen ability to spot industry trends and simplify complex topics that matter to healthcare executives, Bobbi Brown, a long-time healthcare finance executive and Health Catalyst Vice President of Financial Engagement, has organized 26 trends that will matter in 2014 to all healthcare professionals. She will be joined by Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst, who will provide industry insight gained working alongside some of healthcare's most prominent executives who are working through these trends to find solutions for all of healthcare. Attendees will:
  • Understand the impact of these top 26 trends to their organization.
  • Be able to summarize the fundamental details of these trends to an executive audience.
  • See how these 2014 trends will increase the need for healthcare data analytics.
  • Have chances to contribute to the webinar discussion before, during and after the live event.

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