The Pioneers Take the Arrows and the Settlers Take the Land: Healthcare Predictions 2015

Predicting events in healthcare, especially year to year, is incredibly easy because healthcare advances at a glacial rate. Any significant changes that do happen in a year are rare. The IRS and public education may be the only other institutions that move at such a creeping, crawling, reluctant pace. But that's not to say predictions aren't worth trying. And lately, there have been some interesting developments for the healthcare industry that could mean some intriguing change is finally coming our way.  Please join Dale Sanders as he makes his predictions for 2015, some serious, some irreverent, and some simply hopeful aspirations, but all thought provoking and worthy of discussion. Unlike his past webinars where he does all the talking, this time Dale wants to hear from you. So, we'll be opening up the audio lines to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and votes on Dale's predictions, and share your own predictions for 2015 and beyond, too.  The discussion will cover the following, and more:
  • The barriers that stand in the way of significant year-to-year changes in US healthcare
  • The pending Supreme Court decision on state-level insurance subsidies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • The looming reality of hidden patient costs from narrow insurance plans
  • Why the future of healthcare lies in the hands of physicians and patients, not hospitals and insurance companies
  • And in a less obvious twist, discover how the Denver Broncos will win the next five Super Bowls using spliced genetics.
It's always fun to look ahead and try to predict what might or might not happen. Come prepared to share your opinions,vote on Dale's predictions, and join in for a candid and lively conversation.  

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