The Foundations of Success in Population Health Management

Built on Health Catalyst’s foundational technology and supported by the nationwide experience and perspective of its experts, the Population Health Foundations solution helps organizations leverage multiple data sources to understand their patient populations and create meaningful views of financial and clinical quality performance. As a starter set that organizations can build on based on their needs, the solution is designed to compensate for the known limitations of “black box” population health applications that fail to reveal the “why” of analytic insights and exacerbate the challenges of transforming quality, cost, and care. The Population Health Foundations solution delivers the essential analytic tools needed for success under value-based risk arrangements:
  • Unified claims and clinical data.
  • Transparent tools for ad hoc analysis.
  • Web-based patient stratification and registry building.
  • Dashboard of quality and financial performance metrics.
  • A flexible, enabling analytics starter set upon which additional Health Catalyst PHM tools can be integrated and added.
  • Side-by-side partnership with population health experts.
In this webinar you can expect to:
  • Review recent changes to the field of value-based care, and reactions and insights from the market.
  • Discover how the Population Health Foundation solution can act as a comprehensive, data-first analytics solution to support your population stratification and monitoring needs.
  • Understand how this solution functions as a foundational starter set for value-based care success, enabling clients to leverage all their data and other relevant population health tools.
  • Access a first-reveal of the Population Health Foundation solution demo, which presents the solution through the lens of an at-risk population and contract.

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