The Deployment System: Creating the Organizational Infrastructure to Support Sustainable Change (Webinar)

Join Dr. Haughom as he continues the next installment in his webinar series. He will help participants to better understand the key components of an effective deployment system that supports sustainable large-scale improvements in quality, safety and efficiency. He will also continue his live demonstration of the power of modern analytics in managing the health of populations. Attendees will learn:
  • Through a live demonstration, the use of analytics to identify potential risk by understanding the size of disease populations and their risk profiles
  • How to effectively engage opinion leaders in quality improvement and move the entire organization’s workforce forward
  • How to organize teams that take ownership of the organization’s quality, cost and patient satisfaction improvement strategy
  • The elements of an effective team structure and governance model for quality improvement
  • The implementation of an agile, or iterative, approach that fosters continuous improvement
  • The integration of Lean process improvements with the measurement system to achieve and sustain improvement gains