Tapping Into the Potential of Natural Language Processing in Healthcare

Gathering insight from clinical notes remains one of the areas of untapped healthcare intelligence with tremendous potential. But extracting that value is difficult. Still, a few organizations across the country are demonstrating success using advanced technology tied to intuitive processes and procedures. Leading one such organizational effort is Wendy Chapman, PhD, chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah.
Dr. Chapman’s research has driven discovery in new ways to disseminate resources for modeling and understanding information described in narrative clinical reports. Her teams have demonstrated phenotyping for precision medicine, quality improvement, and decision support. Joining Dr. Chapman in a shared discussion is Mike Dow who leads the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology team at Health Catalyst. Mike and team have several years of experience engaging with a variety of health system organizations across the country who are realizing statistical insight by incorporating text notes along with discrete data analysis. Together, Mike and Dr. Chapman will provide an NLP primer sharing principle-driven stories so you can get going with NLP whether you are just beginning or considering processes, tools or how to build support with key leadership. Learning Objectives:
  • Understand NLP, both its challenges, and potential to drive clinical insight using social determinants of health
  • Gain insight into the technology that makes NLP possible
  • Consider the future potential of NLP

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