Tackling The Challenge Of Effective Patient Engagement: How Health Catalyst Is Learning From An Innovative Internal Program

Effective population health management within a provider organization is an interesting combination of technology, change management, and modified financial incentives. Turns out, managing a team member population to the same goals requires a similar set of tools and effort. It is possible to improve team member clinical outcomes (both individually and as a population) while driving down both corporate and personal health costs. Join Jeff as he draws parallels between managing these surprisingly similar groups, using tools and principles that guide our thinking across both our client patient populations and our corporate team member populations, and suggests strategies for corporations to improve outcomes for their most important asset – their people. Attendees will learn:
  1. Parallels between patient and employee populations, and how one group informs the other for success.
  2. Effective strategies Health Catalyst employs for both populations.
  3. The “gamification” of wellness programs, and how this will drive future patient engagement and care management.