A Systematic Framework for the Delivery of Safe, Highly Reliable Care and Habitual Operational Excellence

Drs. Frankel and Leonard will provide a practical, sociotechnical framework that has evolved from their experience in training over 2,500 patient safety officers and working with numerous, world-class health systems over the last two decades. The framework focuses on effective leadership, a culture of safety and continuous learning. Join this webinar to hear practical methods of assessment, engagement and implementation that can be readily applied in virtually any care setting. Webinar attendees will learn:
  • Specific components necessary for the delivery of high value care.
  • The critical importance of psychological safety and how to achieve it.
  • How to assess any care environment for inherent strengths that can be utilized to enhance learning and mitigate risk.
  • Practical tools and behaviors that can be immediately applied in pursuit of habitual, operational excellence.
Drs. Frankel and Leonard have been leaders in patient safety and culture for over twenty years. They have held senior operational roles in complex healthcare systems and worked with hundreds of hospitals across the globe, gaining valuable insights that can be readily applied in your organization.